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My parents are Vietnamese and I was born in America.

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January 2008

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Friday, January 25th

"There's Somethin' A Happenin' Here . . . "

"what it is . . " . . . fuck me . . .where's Wayne Brady when you need him?

Seriously, some major shit is happening. I kid you not. I am not crying wolf like I usually do.

Well, maybe not sooo major, but major enough for me at least.

Stay tuned. FINE. It's all happening here going forward. More explanation later.

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Tuesday, January 22nd

Back From the Cold

I'm back from hibernation. I would like to thank the state of Utah for their kindness and hospitality. You even warmed it up for me I heard. You are so lovely, Utah.

The Coachella lineup was announced this morning. No major draws for me (i.e. no MBV or Stone Roses reunion). Tho, the Verve? hmmmm . . . . any takers? I've heard from various sources that Coachella is a pain the ass and also a pretty good time

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Thursday, January 17th

Go Upriver If You Want to Find Me.

music: Dashboard Confessional. Yes, I am listening to Dashboard Confessional on iTunes.
mood: looking forward to celebrating a friends birthday tonight.

"Drunk off of cheap wine. Each line be on point when I speak mine"

. . . Or something like that. Today I added a new category to my way of thinking about materialism - before it was all about "wants" and "needs." Now it's "wants," "needs," and "what I can get."

Don't come back here until after Tuesday. I'm going into hibernation.

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Wednesday, January 16th

Me and My Superlatives At it Again

Hyperbole is a bitch. But seriously, check this out.

Over at New Day Coop, too. via Paul Scheer

Things are crazy. I'm not as consistent as I could be. More explanation later.

Pray for your boy.

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music: hello im here im waaaiiiting . . . .
mood: still at work, why why why

My number one pet peeve is people shooting rubber bands at me. This stems from a bad experience with some babysitters who were paperboys. Ironically, I would become a paperboy myself during my adolescence (3 years, including the blizzard of 1993, for which I got a t-shirt for my bravery doing my fucking job).

Today my nightmare multiplied, exponentially. If you're going to watch the video on the page, do yourself a favor and let the video load and then skip to the 3 min mark. Trust me.

Now you know. Don't even think of pointing a rubber band at me. I'm serious, guys. C'mon guys . . .

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Thursday, January 10th


I'm posting this for my brother, Francis, who will probably think that this is the coolest fucking thing ever since Minor Threat came out on CD.


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Wednesday, January 9th


I don't think I ever bothered to watch the following clip till today. I've known of this legendary performance for more than a decade now. This was THE performance that catapulted the band to superstardom during the britpop 90's and crowned Jarvis Cocker the icon he is today. It was all an accident too - Pulp were called in to headline the fest after the Stone Roses backed out last minute because guitarist John Squire broke his collar bone (biking accident).

Brace yourself around 1:53 when the audience goes fucking ballistic.

Thanks to the music slut for today's nostalgia.

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Monday, January 7th



Actually, I'm here to talk about old school Batman.

First - I think this is awesome and am kinda pissed that I didn't think of it first -

Second - I read here a while back that the original Batman theme song has no vocals - the "voices" are actually trumpets.

One night a few months ago while chillin at a friend's house, I tried to convince my group of the same argument. Nobody wanted to believe me and I guess we were to lazy to really look into it. Today I decided to re-investigate the situation (and by re-investigate I mean wikipedia and google).

A simple search of the terms "batman music no trumpets for reals dude" brought me to this wikipedia page entitled "Batman Music"

"The title theme to Batman is one of the best-known theme tunes of all time. Composed by Neal Hefti, the song is built around a minimalistic and foreboding but catchy guitar hook reminiscent of spy film scores and surf music. It is a simple twelve bar blues progression using only three chords until the coda. The lyrics to the theme consist of ten cries of "Batman!", which were originally thought to be sung by a female chorus; however, Adam West's book Back to the Batcave reveals the "voices" to actually be instrumental, rather than vocal. These ten repetitions of "Batman!" were then followed by a coda of "Dadadadadadadadadadadadada...Batman!""

SOCK! POW! BONG! Keith and Matt . . . I was right.

Tune in tomorrow, same bat- . . . oh fuck this . . .

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